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>> are we ready? have we been ready? one more time. are we ready? >> yes. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> all right. we are truly blessed to be in this great city on this amazing day. we have to remind ourselves this is february in san francisco. what a hard ship for all the visitors on their way to san francisco to arrive at this amazingly great ship terminal. i want to thank all of you for being here today. it is my honor on behalf of the port of san francisco to say thanks to each one of you. as you look
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around, that would take hours to thank all of you. please give yourselves a round of applause in this new cruise ship for san francisco. i would like to say a special thank you to the press for being here chronicling the metamorphosis. it has gone worldwide that we have built a new terminal here in san francisco and i have been the beneficiary on behalf of the port of numerous well wishes and statements of gratitude. and one of the long
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friends said i thought this day would never an n arrive. i said how could it not? the first vessel was in 1812, a merchant vessel searching the world for prosperity and new horizons. it took a hundred years before a steam powered vessel capable of carrying passengers around the world. it arrived in san francisco in 1912. that ship was the s s cleveland known as the majestic cruise liner carrying people from around the world. each city that was lucky enough to receive that ship received great prosperity. imagine what that might have

March 29, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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